about ebog dot com

I launched ebogjonson.com on November 8, 2003. Back then it was called "Big Black Brain," and its first post was the first graph of a novel I'd written never tried to publish:

a screenshot from ebogjonson.com posted on November 8, 2003

You read the rest of it here.

The larger blog was an attempt to write my way out of a life problem, which was that I missed writing. Before 1999, my life had been wholly organized around writing, and after 1999 it became organized around web product and project management. In so much I worked with words after 1999, it was usually to edit them rather than write them, to plot how they might be best distributed digitally. Thinking I might blog my way out of this pickle, I launched an anonymous Movable Type-powered site where I warehoused bits of unpublished fiction, political musings, a dream log. The name I chose was the username I've been using since the mid-1990s. So much for anonymity. Like every liar, I secretly wanted to be caught.

And after a while, I was. The blog stopped being anonymous and became unexpectedly generative for me, connecting me to a community that saw me through deaths, professional changes, political upheavals, another move. Posting waxed and waned depending on what I was doing for work, which to say: depending on how much time I had to feel the ache of my life problem. I worked for myself when I moved to CA in 2005, and the years immediately after were particularly prolific. I blogged a ton here, writing a few posts that were small-blog-sized hits, and I did some of the best writing of my career offsite. Even when I went back to work full time, I made sure to keep my domain up to date and migrated ebogjonson.com from MT to Drupal to more Drupal to Kirby, depending on my mood and what I was using to build sites for clients and employers. My personal sandbox.

Now I have another life problem, which is that I'm sick to death of social media. At some point--I don't know when--the energy that I used to put into updating my own site went into compulsively sharing and commenting on someone else's, and I think I am very much the worse for it. I recently undertook a Cal Newport-style program of digital minimalism, and as a part of that, I'm reclaiming my time from Facebook to put some of it to better use here. I am not exactly sure what form that reclaimation will take, but dream logging and sharing rants and fictions will likely be a part of it.

Anyway, that's that. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. If you're looking to hire me for a legit web product managment gig, you might be more interested in doings at my portfolio site, garydauphin.com. Either way, and even if you've never been here before: welcome back! - Gary/ebog